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PROALMEX is a company that was founded in the City of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. It began in the food industry in the year of 1972 with the elaboration of concentrates for traditional drinks or “Aguas Frescas”. In 1996, in the process of expansion, it was incorporated as PRODUCTORA DE ALIMENTOS MEXICANOS, S.A. DE C.V.

We currently have a consolidated presence in the Southeast of Mexico and most of the national territory. We consider the work in technological research and product development, as an area of primary importance, in order to produce food of excellent quality with the taste and nutrition that the public demands.

Our high quality and installed capacity allow us to have a volume of production that meets the needs of the market.

Food Safety

We have standards of quality, operation and safety that allow us to produce safe food, free of health hazards. All our raw materials are evaluated according to international regulations. Our plant is certified with FSSC 22000 (Certification of the Food Safety System 22000) that guarantees the safety of our products.


We have several years of experience exporting our natural concentrates to the United States through the Company PROALMEX USA LLC.

One of the main strengths we have developed for export in the United States is our distribution process, managing a warehouse strategically located in the City of Houston Texas, and achieving alliances with distributors and consumer stores in different regions of the country.
In the American market, our concentrates are marketed under the “Mexquisita” brand, that maintains the quality and backing of Proalmex experience in the elaboration of natural concentrates, with the special flavor of the “Aguas Frescas” of great tradition in Mexico.

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